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Amazon is the largest e-commerce website in the world. Jeff Bezos, one of the richest men in the world, owns the company. Amazon affiliate marketing means that you sell their products on behalf of Amazon in return for which Amazon will pay you a certain commission. This means that you can write a review of any of Amazon’s products on your website or blog or if you want, you can spread Amazon’s products through your referral link on your YouTube channel or various social media such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram. When someone buys a product from Amazon with your referral link, Amazon will pay you a certain amount of commission on top of the dividend on that product.

How much commission will you get?


How much commission you get will depend on your product. Amazon offers commissions at different rates for different categories of products. However, according to the general rules of Amazon, if you sell 8 or fewer products per month, you will get a commission of 4%. Again, if you can sell more than 8 to 30 products per month, then Amazon will give you a commission of 6%. If you can sell more products, say you have sold 30 to 110 products per month, you will get a commission of 8.5% on those products. If the number of products you have sold is more than 110, you can get a maximum commission of 8.5% depending on the product sales range. However, there are some products in which Amazon pays a commission of 10%. Thus, Amazon offers different rates of commission for different products. However, you can work with anyone’s product. Because almost all of Amazon’s products are sold. Generally, the commission rate is higher in all the products which have fewer sales.

How much can you earn per month?

There is no income limit here. The more products you can sell, the more your income will increase. Suppose you are at the beginner level and sold about 10 products in the first month, Amazon was able to generate $1000 from the products you sold. Then Amazon will pay you $40 at a 4 percent commission rate. If you sell about 20 products in the next month, your income will be more than $100. If you like it better, you can also generate six-digit income per month from Amazon.

Why Amazon Affiliate?

There are many big companies on the internet that have launched affiliate programs to sell their products. Then the question may come to your mind that why Amazon? The first thing I want to tell you in the answer is that all the products of Amazon are qualified. Amazon has a very good reputation all over the world and people from all over the world buy products from Amazon. It is one of the trust companies in the world. So if you want to earn good quality revenue you can start Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

How long you have to work daily?

As I said before, the income from here depends on how much you can generate. The more time you work daily, the more your sales will grow and your income will continue to grow. But usually, the beginner level can do something good if you give 4-5 hours. The next time you will able to earn much better by working only 2-3 hours.

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