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If you are a smartphone user and you are aware enough about the applications that must be kept on the smartphone then today’s article is for you. Today we will learn about some of the applications that are very necessary. And every smartphone user must use these applications. Let’s start with the applications that will make your smartphone use smart enough.

Quara: The first application I will tell you about is Quora. Quara is an international Q&A website where questions are asked, answered, followed. You can easily get the right answers and directions to all the questions that come to your mind using this application. If not, you can ask a question here and you will get the desired answer to that question. Considering above all other smartphone applications this is the most useful. Those who are weak in English can also use this application in Bengali. Numerous questions in Bengali are answered in this application.

Reddit: Reddit is the second application that will be considered in terms of benefits. Reddit is a website for American social news, web content, and discussions. Registered members submit content such as links, posts, and videos to this site in the form of written content that is upvoted or downed by other members. Countless people around the world are using this application for personal development.

Google News: You will get news of all Bengali and English newspapers together through this application. Important news from all the magazine is available here together. This app is very helpful to get all the news fast and all day long. So you can keep this application on your smartphone.

Xodo: This is a very nice and easy app to read PDF. If you have a habit of reading PDF then you can keep this application. It is also a very popular PDF reader that can have an adobe-reader instead of this application if you want. Countless people around the world use this application.

Home workout: This is an excellent exercise application. Using this app, one can get a series of exercises for a single part of our body. We plan a lot to exercise but it doesn’t happen, or we don’t know what to do. Since this app is consistent, it gives me instructions like a trainer. So it works very well. You can put this app on your smartphone.

home workout

DIMS: This is basically a medical service app. Necessary information and advice about any medicine, price, whether it has side effects, and in which case which medicine can be used. You can also keep this application on your smartphone.

Also Roar Bangla, Medium, Google keep, Hello English, Ten Minute School are very helpful and important Android applications. You can decorate your smartphone in a very smart way with these applications.

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